Advent of Code

As every year Christmas Holiday period has started and even if it’s a religious originated period, with passing of time it has become a way thorough which people share time and gifts with their families and friends beyond the religious original meaning.

Secret Sant, Advent Calendar and multiple other initiatives used to be a way to give, share, participate, approach to this event.

Advent Calendar it has always been one of my favorite. Every day from Dec, 1 through Dec, 25 you open a little box with a small gift (usually chocolate). It can often be a craft activity or a game to perform with your closed one or more expensive gifts.

This year, even though I bought a chocolate advent calendar for my family, I decided to go for a different type of calendar Each day a small programming puzzles to get all fifty stars by December 25th and save Christmas and help the Elves find the sleigh keys they accidentally sent into the ocean!

I’m on day 4 let’s see how many stars I’ll find.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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