First Week in OPW

Last week I’ve started my internship for the OPW with Mozilla. My main goal for the internship is to work as Bug Wrangler; What I need to do is helping the Bugmasters community with bug management and triaging under the supervision of Liz Henry, my mentor. Another of my goals is developing a Firefox Addon addressed to QA people, an instrument for helping users of Bugzilla and Mozilla through simple and immediate searches.

QA Activity

This week I’ve focused on bug triaging, I took part at the

  • Unconfirmed Bugs Triage Testday : I have explored the last week filed bugs, tried  to understand them, I’ve completed them with the required info and details, asked questions to the reporter, added testcase, reproduced and assigned them to the right component/product;
  • Partially worked on the mentored bug as explained in Mentored Bugs; I’ve tried to understand if old [good first bug] were still valid or under work of their assignee.
  • WebRTC in Firefox for Android and Firefox for desktop Testday: a testday aimed to support testing the new developer-release versions of Firefox for Android and Firefox on Desktop focusing on the process of discovering, using and testing WebRTC using demo pages and exploratory tests as listed in the testday etherpad

Here there is a report of my activities listing the triage work done, a new filed bug after a crash report, new mentors assigned to old [good first bugs].

Developer Activity

This week I’ve started creating a small sets of functional requirements for my extension. It’s an integration between Bugzilla and Mozilla and so I’ve started exploring

  • Firefox addon-sdk I’ve chosen to develop my Firefox extension
  • Bugzilla WebService and methods exposed to interact with
  • setted up a githup repository with an initial commit of my work until now with a small, initial and test sets of features

During all the week I’ve been on IRC trying to help during and off the testdays to help people approaching QA activities, hoping to be of help for other people like when I started and this work makes me very proud. 🙂

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