Weekly Update

My OPW internship with Mozilla is going on. I’ve started my weekly meetings with my mentor, and I  hope I’ll improve my English communication skills, as well. 😀

QA Activity

This weeks I’ve worked on bug triaging, I took part at the

I’ve also decided to learn more about Bugzilla and bug’s lifecycle. As for what I think the first important thing to do when approaching Bugzilla and Triaging and, goal of my  work as bug wrangler as well, is understand:

  1. the tool you are using and how you can improve other to better and quickly learn it;I’ve started learning more about Bugzilla, reading docs, wiki, asking for info on IRC :). Under the idea of my mentor I’ve begun by sketching some ideas for One bugzilla per Child project, a project to set up training missions for new bugzilla.mozilla.org users. I’ve started exploring technologies and contents to add for some training missions about basic bugzilla use, and bug triage.
  2. how you can improve triaging work and let other approach to do the same. I’ve started exploring bugzilla query searches, reporters and developers activities; I’ve looked at a lot of bugs and read comments, whiteboard flags, looked at bug’s reporting dates, bug’s modification dates, time within which reporters are available to answer and add more info to the bugs, and I’ve estimated that there is a range of bugs, Middle-aged Bugs, that haven’t been changed recently, but were reported within the last 6 months. Triaging them may find good, relevant bugs. It can also help clear out invalid bugs! During these weeks I’ve focused my attentions on these bugs, starting from an initial set of bugs around 405, and I’ve started triaging them. I’ve also worked on how to generalize some simple steps to follow for triaging these bugs and help other approaching this Bugmaster Project and the result is here. After two weeks the number of bugs is decreased to 380 ( some of them are now resolved as INVALID,INCOMPLETE or WORKSFORME, other bugs are now NEW and a lot of others bugs are still waiting for replay from the reporter of needs-replication).

Here there is a report of my activities listing the triage work done during last week.

Developer Activity

This week I’ve started implementing some initial queries for my Bugmater extension:

  • I’ve created an online version of the addon that can be quickly test and installed,
  • I’ve set up initial Bugzilla queries to search for user created bugs, user assigned bugs and bugs where a user is qa contact and user info.
  • I’ve explored other possible queries for better supporting bugmasters works.

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