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Chiacchierino, tatting, frivolité…

“Handmade” is something that has been part of me since I have been a little girl, almost written in my DNA.

My grandmother used to spend long afternoons with a needle in her hand sitting at her old Singer sewing machine; My mom was always ready to knit slippers or wool scarfs; She had paper, cardboard, scratch paper, scissors, colors ready for little homemade works … together we used to prepare all the homes and pieces for the Nativity (Presepe) with recycled boxes and acrylic painter.

My sisters and I started with the cross-stitch when my grandmother gave us as gifts linen towels to embroider for our dowry. From that first cross-stitch work, we continued on with the crochet, the knitting and the wood, the paper, the Das … also passing by the kitchen with pasta and pizza … even the belly wants its part 🙂

Each period of my life has had a bit of a “season”. There was crochet, origami, quilling, knitting, recycled paper, sewing (although I still need a lot of work there 😀 ) often all together. Something that has always made me a little bit afraid was tatting, chiacchierino, frivolité depending on which language you want to use.

In the last year I started experimenting with this old art with results not always up to the standards (too high) that I have always fixed on me.

Tatting lavender sachet bag

I started with small things. Small bags of lavender, a sachet bags to put in the drawers. They sums the things I love to do and something new: Tatting… At the moment I have completed the small bags and they smell good 🙂

lavender sachet bag, tatting and cross stitch

Lavender sachet bag, tatting and cross stitch

Lizbeth thread size 40

Lizbeth thread size 40

In this period of extreme hot weather thinking about Christmas makes me feel better. I decided to try a new colored thread and I chose a new brand: Lizbeth.

I searched and found a very nice and professional Etsy shop CustomCottonEtc and I started to order my supply of cotton. My cart is already overwhelmed for the next order 🙂

Tatting snowflake Lizbeth thread size 40

Tatting snowflake Lizbeth thread size 40

With these colors I have in mind so many projects. First of all: Snowflakes!!!!  I have already started with a whole series of different size of snowflake.

They will be a good Christmas Tree Ornament and then…I’m already thinking about other projects…maybe something to practice my sewing skill 🙂

Tatting snowflake Lizbeth thread size 40

Tatting snowflake Lizbeth thread size 40

3d printed home gadgets.

After trial and errors I’ve finally managed to print some small gadgets with my micro 3d printer. Personalized gadget very useful to use at home.

When I bought the printer I choose to buy two spool (ABS white and blue). But since I started printing I found it very difficult to let the material stick to the surface of the printer. I tried printing with support material, with different temperatures, adding scotch tape at the surface, but nothing worked for me. After searching on the web I found out that without a warm bed it’s very difficult working with ABS and so I decided to buy a PLA spool that I use with externally. I set the temperature at 215 degree and with a tape on the surface.

3d printed cell holder

3d printed cell holder

The first object I printed was a phone holder. I printed with low quality and from a design I downloaded from the web. As soon as I realized the printer worked well I started with a personal design.

desk holder

Desk holder

Desk holder

Desk holder

This is a desk holder I printed in medium quality. It seems to work well even if it’s not so strong. I’ve adjusted the printing setting to high quality and high density. With these settings the printer  use more filament, the object weights more but is more strong.

For example this is the door hanger I printed in high quality and density. It took 7/8 hours to complete but it’s really good, strong and resistant.

Door hanger.

Door hanger.

Finished door hanger

Finished door hanger

So. I’m having fun with material, temperature, design of small objects. The next step will be trying with a different design. It’s really early but my mind is already thinking about Christmas 😀


Magic in the box

I’ve been waiting for a long time before have been able to open that little box that was parked in the lumber room; a small orange cube that creates magic things was inside of it. The little cube I’m talking about is my new micro 3d printer.

I had never printed anything in my life but I’ve always been fascinated by 3d models. I never really put myself in doing something until one day I designed a 3d coffee cup and I had it printed.

coffee cup 3d model

Coffee Cup 3d Model

In that period I saw a kickstarter campaign and decided to give it a try. It took a long time before the campaign would end and then before the printer was shipped and then used 🙂 But I finally managed to print something.

m3d printing arrangement

m3d printing arrangements

 Actually I’m still in the process of test printing, discover materials, temperature, quality settings, and spool arrangements, calibration. In the meanwhile I’ll be waiting for the next 8 hours for my medium quality personal 3d over door hanger to be printed, designing a 3d door key hanger. I need a lot of useful tools in my house 🙂

And anyway this pla blue spool is much better of my abs white 😉

Crochet Hair clips

Making new things, creating, is one of the things I love the most, even if my creations – whatever they are – end up in a closed drawer. I love the feeling to connect with the real world surrounding me. It’s a marvelous feeling.
That’s what I felt in these past few days when I’ve finished making a bunch of hair clips.handmade hair clips

These crochet clips are made with cotton and little buttons attached with hot glue. These will go to friends and families but I think I’ll be making more in the future.
Ah, and by the way: they look great with the new iOS 7 candish color palette.:)